Purposeful Consulting services

We advise L4 members how to efficiently align a strategy and transform a community of purpose and success.

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It is essential to engage residents and staff to a purpose that matters, to highlight the link between work and wants.


We create possibilities and opportunities for the community to adjust and achieve a higher meaning than just day-to-day activities.


We want to inspire a culture that thrives and motivates individuals through our unique consultation services.

At L4, our fundamental beliefs guide our vision, our culture, and the environment we want everyone to aspire to live in. We can help direct operational efficiency, governance, finance, strategy, and facilities design all to foster an environment for purposeful aging. Do you want each day to wash over you with repetitiveness or do you want to charge the day on with direction? Our consultation services will help you to encompass living with meaning.

Our Services

  • Move-in Coordination
  • Resident Customization
  • Service Implementation
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Life Safety Assessments
  • Sales Process Assessments
  • Operational Assessments

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